How Foundations Can Grow Their Impact By Accelerating the Giving of Ultra-High Net Worth Donors

Marquette Ballroom III

With $800 million committed to philanthropy by signers of the Giving Pledge and an estimated $85 billion in donor-advised funds, philanthropic assets are being accumulated at an unprecedented rate. At the same time, many new donors with tremendous resources are struggling to scale their impact. Established foundations in the U.S. have a role to play — if they choose to embrace it — at the intersection of this opportunity and the renewed urgency around critical issues of our day. Given their deep capacity and penchant for strategic approaches, these foundations are ideally positioned to accelerate the giving of these donors by actively reaching out to share their knowledge and networks, strategies and grant portfolios, and vetted pipelines. This session will explore the strategies and approaches of leaders whose foundations are intentionally engaging donors — from early to more mature efforts. We will hear about their experiences, the shifts in mindsets they’ve made, the lessons learned, and the potential payoffs as they seek to drive more outside investments on their priority issues.

Breakout session