Amber Bradley

Amber Bradley

Director, Assessment & Advisory Services, Center for Effective Philanthropy

Amber Bradley, Director, Assessment and Advisory Services, leads relationships with funders using CEP’s performance assessments. She oversees the creation and presentation of CEP’s assessment reports, with a particular focus on serving funders in the western half of the country. Amber is a frequent speaker at conferences and to funder boards and staff on topics of grantee, donor, and staff feedback.

Before joining CEP in 2010, Amber served as Program Director at the MIT Community Innovators Lab. At MIT, Amber led partnerships with community groups, directed research initiatives, and taught about local economic and community development. Amber’s professional experience includes serving as a domestic violence counselor with nonprofits in Colorado and Oregon. Amber was a recipient of the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, with which she researched women’s responses to domestic violence in Argentina, Hungary, Ireland, and Kenya. Amber holds a BA in Psychology from Reed College where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa, as well as a Master of City Planning in International Development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Strengthening Grantees: What Funders Can Do

Marquette Ballroom I

“Capacity building” has been a buzzword in foundation circles for years. New research from CEP shows that, while there are areas of alignment between funders’ perceptions of nonprofits’ need and nonprofits’ actual needs, there are also crucial areas of disconnect. Worse, many nonprofit leaders say they fear asking for what they really need. How can funders break through and truly strengthen organizations in shared pursuit of impact? This session will feature an examination of innovative approaches to strengthening nonprofits, as well as interactive exercises to help funders reflect on how they can best strengthen the organizations they fund.

Breakout session