Anne Snyder

Anne Snyder

Director, The Philanthropy Roundtable's Character Initiative

Anne Snyder was welcomed to The Philanthropy Roundtable in March 2016 to direct the Character Initiative, after spending the previous three years as a journalist with the H.E. Butt Family Foundation exploring issues of immigration, social class, and moral formation.

Prior to moving to Texas she worked at The New York Times in Washington, as well as World Affairs Journal and the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

She is a fellow at the Center for Opportunity Urbanism and a senior fellow at the Trinity Forum, and serves on the board of the Center for Public Justice. She has written for National JournalThe Washington PostThe Atlantic MonthlyCity Journal, and other publications, and has just published her first book with the Roundtable: The Fabric of Character.

Anne holds a bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College (IL) and a master’s degree from Georgetown University.

The Fabric of Character

Marquette Ballroom IV

What is character and how do you shape it? This question has preoccupied parents, teachers, clergy, and leaders since time immemorial. But it takes on vital importance in our era. While the complexity and autonomy of life in the twenty-first century call for character more than ever, the conditions under which such character is forged are in trouble. How do we replenish the store of moral capital in such a diverse, individualistic, consumerist, and stressed society? How do we encourage a shared pursuit of the good? This session aims to break open a new path for donors and a wide […]

Breakout session