Anne Wallestad

Anne Wallestad

President and CEO, BoardSource

Anne Wallestad serves as president and CEO of BoardSource, a globally-recognized nonprofit focused on strengthening nonprofit leadership at the highest level — the board of directors. Acknowledging the critical partnership between boards and executives, and the impact of that partnership on overall organizational success, BoardSource helps nonprofit leaders invest in their leadership partnership by providing research, thought leadership, and practical supports that help transform board structures, dynamics, and perspectives. Since becoming chief executive in 2013, Anne has overseen a period of growth and change, which has won BoardSource recognition from the Drucker Institute for its innovations in program delivery.

A Crucial Relationship: CEOs and Boards

Marquette Ballroom IX

Foundation governance is uniquely challenging. How can foundation CEOs develop and manage a dynamic Board of Directors that contributes to greater impact? How can foundation boards support their CEOs and challenge them to achieve results? What does research show are the characteristics of high-performing board members? What can CEOs and board members do, specifically, to improve governance?

Breakout session