Garrett Moeggenborg

Garrett Moeggenborg

Mawby Intern, Council of Michigan Foundations

Garrett is a 19 year old sophomore attending Michigan State University pursuing a major in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. During his time at MSU, he dedicates about ten hours a week to the Council of Michigan Foundations. While doing so, he is collecting materials, planning meetings, training’s, and all in all, working towards and planning for the 2019 Youth Grant-makers Summer Leadership Conference. This conference will invite hundreds of youth from around state and surrounding areas from youth advisory councils to work to build skills and bring back to their hometowns.

Youth Voice for Stronger Philanthropy

Marquette Ballroom VIII

As education funders seek strategies to continually increase their impact, there’s no better source for insights on what’s working and not working for our country’s young people than the voices of youth themselves. The panel will address how funders can bring youth voice and participation into grantmaking and change-making. In this session, you’ll hear from education funders and practitioners about how engaging and empowering youth voice can lead to stronger philanthropy.

Breakout session