Ivan Frishberg

Ivan Frishberg

Vice President Sustainability Banking, Amalgamated Bank

Ivan Frishberg leads sustainability banking for Amalgamated Bank. Frishberg works across the bank on a range of treasury management, investment and lending products designed to serve sustainability goals and the goals of our clients in the energy, climate and environment communities. Ivan has more than 25 years of public interest advocacy, organizing and policy experience. Previously he was Senior Advisor and Climate Change Campaign Manager for Organizing For Action, a senior advisor to the Climate Action Campaign, a multi-year national coalition effort to defend the Clean Air Act and support new federal policies on climate and public health. Most recently, Frishberg directed the State Climate Hub – facilitating coordination of state level efforts to implement the Clean Power Plan – and worked with the Climate Briefing Service on the intersection of US Climate Advocacy and the recent international climate negotiations. He serves on the board of directors for DC Water, the public water and sewer utility for Washington, D.C.

Making Every Dollar Count: Impact Investing

Marquette Ballroom IX

Foundations and major donors are increasingly looking beyond traditional grantmaking and support for nonprofits to strategically deploy their assets in pursuit of impact. One such example is impact investing. What are the best approaches and current efforts worth emulating? What are the challenges and pitfalls of these efforts? This session will explore the notion that every investment has impact and feature a panel with foundation leaders and expert advisors. Sponsored by McKnight Foundation

Breakout session