Kristen Cambell

Kristen Cambell

Executive Director, Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement

Kristen Cambell is Executive Director of PACE and leads our mission to inspire interest, understanding, and investment in civic engagement within philanthropy and to be a voice for philanthropy in larger conversations taking place in the fields of civic engagement, service, and democratic practice.

Previously, Kristen ran her own consulting practice focused on civic engagement, education, and leadership. She served the National Conference on Citizenship as its Chief Program Officer, and has held philanthropic roles at the Case Foundation and Points of Light.

Kristen is an AmeriCorps Alum and serves on the board of United Philanthropy Forum, and the advisory groups of for several national groups, including the working group of the Philanthropy Initiative at the Smithsonian Institution.

Better Angels: Bridging Our Partisan Divide


The United States is disuniting. Today Americans increasingly view their political opponents not only as misguided, but also as bad people whose ways of thinking are both dangerous and incomprehensible. This degree of civic rancor threatens the vibrancy of our democracy. Better Angels is a bipartisan citizen’s movement to unify our divided nation. A Better Angels facilitator will lead activities and discussions with participants that identify blind spots, reduce stereotyped thinking, and begin building the relationships needed to find common ground.

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