Laila Bell

Laila Bell

Associate Director of Learning and Evaluation, The Duke Endowment

Before joining the Endowment in 2017, Bell was director of research and data at NC Child, a statewide nonprofit in Raleigh that works to advance public policies that improve the lives of North Carolina’s children. Earlier in her career, she was a Texas KIDS COUNT analyst at the Center for Public Policy Priorities in Austin, Tex., a policy research project team member for the Congressional Research Service in Austin, and a research and public policy contractor for the Texas Council on Family Violence.

Evaluating Social Change


Funders and donors seek to measure their impact so they can know more precisely whether and how they’re making a difference. And yet the answers are often elusive, at best. Does our pursuit of impact, and precise impact metrics, sometimes paradoxically impede impact? Perhaps a different set of questions is needed? This interactive session will explore the complex dynamics of social change and how they intersect with funders’ learning and evaluation efforts.

Breakout session