LaTida Smith

LaTida Smith

President and CEO, Moses Taylor Foundation

LaTida Smith is President and CEO of Moses Taylor Foundation, a health conversion foundation established to promote the health and wellbeing of an 11-county region of Northeast Pennsylvania. Prior to joining Moses Taylor, LaTida served 12 years with Saint Luke’s Foundation of Cleveland, Ohio. Early in her career, LaTida led the City of Cleveland’s HIV/AIDS Unit and served as a Community Educator for Planned Parenthood of Greater Cleveland.

LaTida currently chairs the Board of Directors of Grantmakers for Effective Organizations and serves on the boards of Playworks, Highlights Foundation, NEPA Alliance’s Nonprofit Community Assistance Center and the University of Scranton’s Institutional Review Board.

LaTida holds a BA from Ohio Wesleyan University and MAs in English and Women’s Studies from The Ohio State University.

Unleashing the Power of Beneficiary Feedback Loops

Marquette Ballroom I

Many nonprofits and foundations are overlooking a critical source of insight into the relevance and impact of their work — the people they are ultimately seeking to help. How are those people experiencing programs and services? Are they being treated with respect? Is the work philanthropy is supporting meeting their needs and making a positive difference in their lives? This session will offer an inside look at Listen for Good (L4G), a national partnership of 94 funders and more than 200 nonprofits that is pioneering a new approach to creating simple, systematic, and rigorous feedback loops in the social sector. […]

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