Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson

Managing Partner, Imago Dei Fund

Lisa Jackson brings an expansive background and over two decades of working in philanthropy and the social sector to the Imago Dei Fund (IDF). Most recently, she was Co-Founder and Managing Director of the College for Social Innovation, a partnership between social sector organizations and colleges to provide fully-credited, semester-long internships in Boston. Prior to launching this organization, Lisa was the Managing Partner for Portfolio Investments at New Profit, Inc.

As Managing Partner for IDF Lisa works with the Founding Partners to clarify the Fund’s vision and strategy and to build and develop the team. Lisa is responsible for ensuring that IDF’s fiscal, operations, grant management, human resource, technology, and programmatic strategies are effectively implemented across all segments of the organization.

Lisa serves on the board of the College Advising Corps, SPARK Microgrants, and My Life My Choice. She is also a former elected member of the Brookline School Committee. Lisa has a Ph.D. in Education from Stanford University, and a B.S. in Psychology from Howard University.

Strengthening Grantees: What Funders Can Do

Marquette Ballroom I

“Capacity building” has been a buzzword in foundation circles for years. New research from CEP shows that, while there are areas of alignment between funders’ perceptions of nonprofits’ need and nonprofits’ actual needs, there are also crucial areas of disconnect. Worse, many nonprofit leaders say they fear asking for what they really need. How can funders break through and truly strengthen organizations in shared pursuit of impact? This session will feature an examination of innovative approaches to strengthening nonprofits, as well as interactive exercises to help funders reflect on how they can best strengthen the organizations they fund.

Breakout session