Samara Freemark

Samara Freemark

Co-Creator and Senior Producer, In the Dark

Samara Freemark is the Co-Creator and Senior Producer of the investigative podcast In the Dark. She joined APM Reports in 2013. Before that she covered veterans’ issues for the Public Insight Network, and worked as a producer with Radio Diaries, and as an environmental reporter. She holds a B.A. from Swarthmore College and an M.A. in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. She is a two-time recipient of the George Foster Peabody Award and has won the George Polk award, among other awards.

Podcasting and Philanthropy

Marquette Ballroom III

Podcasting is a relatively new media format, but it is already demonstrating extraordinary impact. With support from philanthropy, public media is leading the way in this format with deep investigations, powerful stories, and an increasing diversity of creative voices. At the same time, foundations can themselves employ podcasting as a way of telling their own stories and engaging grantees and other thought leaders in lively discourse about social change. In this session, attendees will hear from Samara Freemark, whose In The Dark podcast delves into the story of Curtis Flowers, a Mississippi man who, based on flimsy testimony amid extraordinary […]

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