Isaiah M. Oliver

Isaiah M. Oliver

President & CEO, Community Foundation of Greater Flint

Isaiah M. Oliver is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, a charitable organization focused on engaging people in philanthropy to build a stronger community. He leads the Foundation’s strategic priorities around improving literacy rates, increasing access to healthy food, strengthening resident-led neighborhood improvements, and providing critical resources to the children affected by the Flint Water Crisis. He previously served as the Foundation’s Vice President of Community Impact, where he led the organization’s grantmaking operations and community leadership strategies.

Born and raised in Flint, Isaiah supports a unique philanthropic perspective that focuses on relationships and people. Isaiah advocates for an inclusive approach to philanthropy that listens to and works with the people of the community in order to develop a true partnership. This approach differs from the more traditional top-down model of giving solutions to a community because it allows both the people of a community and engaged philanthropists to be fully vested in and empowered to develop solutions. He and his wife, Shay, live in Flint with their daughters, Zaiah Rene, Carrington Elyse and Chelyn Elizabeth.

Foundations and Policy Leadership

Marquette Ballroom V

Foundations have an opportunity to influence policy in profound ways. How should foundation leaders think about their role influencing policy? What is the spectrum of approaches available? What are lessons learned from attempts to influence policy and create new partnerships? If you or your foundation wish to influence policy or are merely curious about the policy realm, join us for a rich discussion that will include three case studies of local, regional, and national policy change efforts by foundations (including community foundations) on topics including the opioid epidemic, the water crisis in Flint, and housing.

Breakout session