Lindsay Austin Louie

Lindsay Austin Louie

Program Officer, Effective Philanthropy

Lindsay Austin Louie is a Program Officer for the philanthropy grantmaking program, which sits within the Hewlett Foundation’s Effective Philanthropy Group. In this role, Lindsay focuses on two grantmaking strategies that seek to increase and improve the effectiveness of all foundations: (1) Knowledge for Better Philanthropy, and (2) the Fund for Shared Insight. Much of Lindsay’s work “beyond grantmaking” focuses on how to provide capacity building and nonmonetary support to grantees, how grantmakers can do excellent work with grantees, and how funders and nonprofits can more meaningfully connect with the people and communities they seek to serve.

Prior to joining the foundation, she served as executive director of the Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2, where, she worked closely with donors and grantees to help identify strong nonprofit organizations and then to strengthen those organizations with long-term funding and additional assistance in management, governance, and internal operations. She is currently the Board President of Counseling and Support Services for Youth (CASSY), a nonprofit that provides school-based mental health services in over 30 public schools.

Structuring for Success

Marquette Ballroom I-II

Funders know that building strong partnerships with stakeholders and grantees is crucial for creating change in communities and on crucial issues. Foundation leaders’ decisions about how they structure their organizations — defining roles, building staff, creating process, and managing culture — enable or inhibit the success of program officers and other staff in creating meaningful relationships. In this session, hear brief presentations from CEP and three funders engaged in efforts to define and create conditions for success in their organizations. Then join in table discussions about how these dynamics play out at your organization.

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