Paul Beaudet

Paul Beaudet

Executive Director, Wilburforce Foundation

Paul Beaudet is Executive Director of Wilburforce Foundation, which helps conserve important lands, waters and wildlife in Western North America by supporting organizations and leaders advancing strategic solutions. Paul originally joined Wilburforce in 1999 as Program Officer for Evaluation, and served as Associate Director between 2002 and 2016. Prior to his work at Wilburforce, he was Associate Director of the Pride Foundation, strengthening the LGBT community in the Pacific Northwest. He has also worked at a variety of nonprofit organizations in fundraising and programmatic roles, including the League of Conservation Voters, the Music Center of Los Angeles, Pacific Science Center, and the University of Washington.

Paul has served on the Advisory Board for Center of Effective Philanthropy since 2008, and was elected to its Board of Directors starting in 2017. Prior to that, Paul served for seven years as Chair of the Program Strategies Committee and Vice Chair of the Board of the Environmental Grantmakers Association. Paul earned a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership from Seattle University in 1996, and later served on the program’s Visiting Committee and as adjunct faculty. He, his husband, and a beloved mutt split their time between Seattle and Guemes Island.

Philanthropy and Policy: Undue Influence or Crucial Strategic Lever?

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Forthcoming research from CEP will explore how funders approach the question of influencing policy at the national, local, and regional levels. When and how should funders influence policy? When do funders’ actions strengthen democracy, and when might they undermine it? What should be the guiding principles for funders as they consider the role of policy influence in their strategies? CEP’s research and a panel of philanthropic leaders will consider these questions.

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